"My family not only belongs to HFA, we are HFA." - Mother of a son with hemophilia

HFA invites you to discover what we have to offer through our many programs, services, events, outreach and advocacy education.

Get Involved

Participate in HFA’s educational, financial and wellness programs, designed to help the bleeding disorders community stay healthy, informed, and supported. Develop meaningful connections within the bleeding disorders community and find support at both the local and national levels. Check out HFA’s Programs and Services and discover how you can get involved today!

Attend HFA Meetings and Events

Get involved in HFA’s annual Symposium, designed specifically for people with bleeding disorders and their families. This meeting rotates around the country,bringing the bleeding disorders family from across the country together. An estimated 600 attendees participate in rap sessions, networking, and receive education from top national speakers and educators. Join us at Symposium!

Be an Advocate

Get involved in HFA’s Advocacy initiatives. If you are new to the bleeding disorders community or have years of experience championing this community, we welcome you! Join our outreach and advocacy education efforts! Working together and supporting each other, we can make a difference for people with bleeding disorders. Learn more.

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