From educators to researchers, lawyers to grant writers, our team is united by our passion for the mission of HFA. We鈥檝e grown over the past 25 years from a small, grassroots, all-volunteer nonprofit organization, but we haven鈥檛 wavered from our mission of assisting, educating, and advocating for the bleeding disorders community.


Barbra Kavanaugh

Interim CEO

Ann LeWalk

Vice President, Education

Pat Brown

Vice President, Meetings

Michelle Burg

Vice President, Operations

Meghan Lawton

Interim Vice President, Advancement

Miriam Goldstein

Acting VP, Public Affairs





Janet Chupka

Director, Engagement & Community Health Outcomes

Lori Long

Director, Institute

Heather Case

Director, Education

Anne Goodman

Director, Projects

Matt Landseadel

Director, Technology

Keirsten Shaffer

Associate Director, Communications

G Shellye Horowitz

Associate Director, Education

Mark Hobraczk

Senior Manager, Policy & Advocacy

Lindsay Cox

Senior Manager, Advocacy & Outreach

Adrian Palau-Tejeda

Senior Manager, Health Disparities & Engagement

Angela Burton

Manager, Grants

Jeanette Jones

Manager, Education

Nick Clarksen

Manager, Development

Athenna Harrison

Manager, Meetings

Tracy Adams

Manager, Meetings

Jessica Calip

Assistant, Executive

Cynthia Cross

Coordinator, Services

Shira Smillie

Coordinator, Services

Emily Roush-Bobolz

Content Development Specialist, Institute

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