Honoring Our Past, Building Our Future
HFA believes paying tribute to and preserving the bleeding disorders community鈥檚 legacy of advocacy, sacrifice and treatment advancements is important. For the past five years, we have been proud to play a role in preserving that history with the 鈥淗onoring Our Past, Building Our Future鈥 history project, where we have collected the significant stories and artifacts which best represent our community. But the project doesn鈥檛 end there.

HFA has made an initial donation of artifacts related to the history of the bleeding disorders community to the Smithsonian Institute’s National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. This donation, which consists of items generously given by community members,聽is a huge step in formally preserving the history of the bleeding聽disorders community for future generations.聽More information will be made available in the future as this project develops.

Take a moment to read about our inspiration for this project and the details of seeing it to completion by viewing our Case For Support.

We invite you to be a part of history!

Make a Donation

Your financial gift will help ensure the history of the聽bleeding disorders community is preserved into the future. There are three ways to donate:

    • Text HFA to 243725 to receive a link to donate.
    • Online, by clicking here or on the button below.
    • Checks made out to Hemophilia Federation of America can be mailed to 999 North Capitol Street NE Suite 301, Washington, D.C. 20002

Donate Toward History

Submit Artifacts

HFA has collected many documents, articles and artifacts, but is aware there may be more memorabilia stashed in attics all across the country! We are looking for community members and organizations willing to share and work with HFA to preserve a comprehensive record of the community鈥檚 history.

Do you have old family photos depicting the reality of life with a bleeding disorder? Or maybe diaries or journals that reflect your or a loved one鈥檚 personal journey. We鈥檙e looking for personal items as well as newspaper articles, key documents, newsletters, posters from advocacy rallies on Capitol Hill or other artifacts that tell our story of endurance and resilience.

Submit a photo of something you have that may be added to the HFA or Smithsonian collection. A committee will review the submissions and work with you to collect and return items.

Share your historical archives so HFA can continue to shed light on this amazing community.

Make A Submission

Thank you to our donors!

Thank you to all of the individuals, families, organizations and companies that have donated to the History Archive Project. It is with their support that HFA can continue to ensure that the bleeding disorder community’s history will be preserved for future generations.



The Hemophilia Alliance


Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group


Comprehensive Health Education Services

HFA Member Organizations

Thank you to the Member Organizations who made contributions as pacesetters to kick-off this campaign!


Texas Central Hemophilia Association 鈥 Pacesetter聽


Lone Star Hemophilia Chapter 鈥 Pacesetter聽


Alaska Hemophilia Association聽鈥 Pacesetter聽

Bleeding Disorder Foundation of Washington聽鈥 Pacesetter聽

Gateway Hemophilia Association 鈥 Pacesetter聽

Hemophilia Foundation of Maryland聽鈥 Pacesetter聽

Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan 鈥 Pacesetter聽

Hemophilia Foundation of Oregon 鈥 Pacesetter聽

Hemophilia Foundation of Southern California聽鈥 Pacesetter聽

Hemophilia of North Carolina聽鈥 Pacesetter聽

Hemophilia of South Carolina聽鈥 Pacesetter聽

New England Hemophilia Association 鈥 Pacesetter聽

Northern Ohio Hemophilia Association聽鈥 Pacesetter聽

Rocky Mountain Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorders Association 鈥 Pacesetter聽

Southwestern Ohio Hemophilia Foundation聽鈥 Pacesetter聽

Virginia Hemophilia Foundation聽鈥 Pacesetter聽


Tennessee Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorder Foundation鈥 Pacesetter聽


Hemophilia Alliance of Maine聽鈥 Pacesetter聽

Individuals and Families


Jane Cavanaugh Smith


Packard Family


Kari & Craig Atkinson


Howard Haugstad

Joe & Sherry Markowitz

Joe Pugliese

Karen & Michael Bishop

Laureen Kelley

Liz Purvis

Ron Staake

Tanya Ricchi






Douglas Hartsough

Jeremy Griffin

John & Diane Bruno

Lily Schwartz

Lorena Fraden

Tessa Field






Brandon Roberts

Bridget Tyrey

David Macharola

Elizabeth Schauermann

Grant Belsham

Justin Lindhorst

The Knoerzer Girls

Laureen Temple

Manuel Lopez Serrano

Michele Warner

Michelle Kim

Renee Waschle

Richard Vogel

Rosemary Robinson

Seth Price

Temesha Pollock

Wanda McLendon


Brenda Bordelon

In honor of Danny and Lily Shelton

Jen Loving

Maira Guild


Britnee Vieira





Linda Wakefied


*Donor names shown above reflect the name received on a donation. If you believe there is an error or would like to edit how your name is shown, please contact us at

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