A Brotherly Bond

“Watch out for my brother. He’s a bleeder,” Logan will often say when we are at an interactive birthday party. Logan is Maddox’s 5-year-old brother. He is extremely protective of him.
Whenever we are at an event Logan will do his best to “protect” his little brother from anyone pushing him too hard or potentially hurting him. Since Maddox has an older brother we have tried not to hold him back too much. Maddox is a typical active and daring 2-year-old. He wrestles with his brother daily, jumps around furniture, and is often known to slide down a tunnel that we have with no fear.
I’m sure people might question how we decide to keep Maddox safe. I would  say that we are cautious, but to an extent. I can’t hold Maddox back from doing too much that his big brother wants or is doing.
Logan understands that Maddox can get hurt easily. We do our best to explain the importance of being safe with both children. It’s a topic of conversation daily in this household. There are times that Logan might be too rough with Maddox and he will fall, bite his lip or get a small bruise. Logan is the first to run and comfort Maddox, along with getting a boo-boo buddy of Maddox’s choice.
There are times though that Logan might not understand the severity of what’s happening and get upset. For example, both boys were playing around in our ball pit. Logan ended up rolling over and accidentally kicked Maddox in the nose. Logan came out of the ball pit screaming, “I didn’t mean too. He’s bleeding. I’m sorry.” It resulted in the first bloody nose for Maddox. Luckily, he just had factor that morning and it stopped pretty fast. We explained to Logan that he wasn’t in trouble, but this is why we always say to be safe and careful.
This won’t be Maddox’s last bloody nose, and probably won’t be his last injury. As life goes on and Maddox gets older we will need to adapt. We will do our best to let Maddox be a typical boy and a great little brother. One thing’s for sure is that Logan has Maddox’s back. He will be protected by prophylaxis and his big brother. Double the protection for a brave little boy that makes our heart happy every day. We are very lucky that the boys have each other and have such a special little bond.
Heather lives in Massachusetts with her husband, Shane, and her young sons, Logan and Maddox.
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