Infusing Love: A Letter to Hemophilia

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Dear Hemophilia,
There was a time when you devastated me. You destroyed my little boy’s knee and ankle, causing tremendous pain and forcing him to undergo several port surgeries. He missed weeks of school. Oh, and let’s not forget the wheelchair you put him in for over a year. That was torture, taking away his ability to play with friends and run. You took so much away from him.
But, you never kept our family from loving him. My boy was showered with love and prayers from near and far, and now, he is doing well. He hasn’t missed any school this year and runs and plays with his friends in spite of you. Actually, he doesn’t even walk much, he runs! And, his daily infusions are a piece of cake: he handles them like a warrior.
Cazandra_MomsBlogOne thing you tried so hard was to take away the close relationship I shared with my husband. When my husband and I were running back and forth from the hospital and spent nights away from each other, our relationship suffered. We could only live from moment-to-moment to make sure we could maintain our jobs, take care of our oldest son, and be with our warrior at all times. Once you were at a distance you thought that my husband and I wouldn’t know what to do, didn’t you?
Well, you were right.
We saw the damage you did to our son, but it took some time before we realized the impact you had on our relationship. We had to figure out not only what our family dynamic was like without the stress you put on our lives but we had to learn who we were as friends, and husband and wife, all over again.
But now, we are better than ever, because you have helped to give us a perspective that we wouldn’t have. In a strange twist of fate, you have actually helped us to become closer as a family.
A Warrior Mom
Cazandra lives with her husband Joe, and 19-year-old son, Julian, and 10-year-old son, Caeleb, in New Mexico.

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