A Pillar of Strength

The staff of Hemophilia Federation of America and Infusing Love: A Mom’s View bloggers extend condolences to Maryann on the death of her son, Max.

There are times as a hemophilia mom that you feel as though you can handle anything, like you could take on the world and make it a better place. Then there are the times where you feel utterly helpless and are lost in trying to find your way. When you have those moments you instantly want to turn to your bleeding disorders family and other moms for support.  One of the moms that I always turn to is Maryann May.  

Maryann has been a pillar of strength, love, guidance, support and so much more to us bleeding disorder moms out there. When reading her blogs, we have laughed, we have cried, we have felt empowered, and most importantly, we have felt so much love! She never asks for accolades or glory but deserves them regardless as she has given so much to so many. The connections, sense of community, ability to Show Up are some of her many talents.

Maryann is literally a ray of sunshine filled with googly eyes. 

The whole bleeding disorders family is devastated in learning of the passing of Maryann’s son, Max. We want to send her all of the love and support, times 1000, she has given us. Maryann, when you are ready… we are holding space with you and love you. Googly eyes and all.

– Carrie

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Carrie lives with her husband Mark, and son, Nicholas, and daughter, Aleesia, in Maryland.

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