Infusing Love: Daycare to Preschool

We’ve been lucky enough to have Maddox home with us since he was diagnosed at 6 months old. My husband works nights, so he watches him during the day. We pulled him from daycare at 6 months because we were worried about other kids throwing things at him, and potentially him making the wrong move and getting hurt.
Fast forward to 18 months later and Maddox is ready to start an in-home daycare starting next week. Maddox will be 2 on the 12th of September. My husband and I felt that it was time to get him into a more social environment without feeling too overwhelmed.
To be quite honest I thought I would be extremely worried but feel comfortable that Maddox is going to be just fine despite his hemophilia. We want Maddox to thrive and become the best he can be. I am going to have one of the nurses who work with Maddox attend daycare to give an overview of the diagnosis.
First daycare, then preschool next year. We are on the right track to figuring out this crazy journey that we have entailed. I said from the beginning that I want to take Maddox’s hemophilia in stages. Right now, we are in the infant to 4 years old stage. I do better in small increments and feel overwhelmed with jumping through the unknown as he gets older. So, for now I’m going to stick with Maddox learning his colors, animal sounds, shapes, and making lots of new friends.
Heather lives in Massachusetts with her husband, Shane, and her young sons, Logan and Maddox.
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