Infusing Love: Gratitude List

Infusing Love: A Mom's View
What are you grateful for?
If you’re like me, it varies somewhat day-to-day. We all probably have a standard “set” of items we’re grateful for – our family, friends, jobs, etc. But outside of those – it really can vary from one day to the next. Some days I’m grateful for my dog – he may be the only one excited to see me at the end of the day. Other days I’m grateful that Nick actually makes the school bus or that I remembered to put money in his lunch account. Sometimes it really is the little things!
Are you grateful for your child’s bleeding disorder? Honestly, there are days that I’m not. I think my fellow hemo moms will agree. How can you be grateful for something that causes your child pain? It’s tough to be grateful on those days that you can’t hit a vein or is in pain. Your child may be crying – you may be crying!  It is those days that you are far from grateful. We all have them.
Tracy_moms BlogFor a long time, I had quite A LOT of them.  Those days when you hate bleeding disorders and everything that goes along with them. It may be an infusion issue or insurance issue or it could be the day that your child just doesn’t understand why he can’t try out for the football team along with the rest of his friends. Quite honestly, as a mother, I don’t WANT him to play football, but it really is painful having to tell him no. My guess is we’ve all had those days when you hear “this isn’t fair.” And you really do agree with them.
But what I am grateful for is that, as time passes, those days become fewer and fewer. Those days are replaced with the joy that your child experiences going to their first sleepover. I was just able to let my son do this – and he had a wonderful time! You have that huge milestone day when your child infuses for the first time or you hear their latest self-infusion success story and you’re grateful for the fact that you know you’re raising your child to be independent. You’re grateful on the days that you don’t have to infuse, which helps you catch the school bus (those little things really matter!)  You’re grateful that your child has found something that brings him pure happiness. My son found baseball, and I’m grateful that when he steps out onto that field he’s just like his teammates and neither of us could be any happier.
Most importantly, you have days when you realize that thankfulness in the bleeding disorders community includes that standard “set” of items we’re all grateful for – family and friends.  Because if you’re like me, the bleeding disorder community IS your family and friends.  When I have an infusion issue or insurance issue or maybe just a “this isn’t fair” issue, I’ve got this amazing community that is here to listen and support me – no questions asked.  And for that, I’m grateful.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Tracy, her husband Lance and son, Nick, live in Virginia.
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