In This Moment

It’s hard to envision what life is going to look like for my little Maddox when he enters preschool or elementary school in a few years.heather_little_scarecrow
Right now I focus on the moment and each day as Maddox gets older. He had his first birthday last week and off he went. He took his first steps, and now moves all over the place. To be honest, I sometimes forget that he has hemophilia, because I don’t hold Maddox back from much. He walks, crawls, plays/wrestles with his big brother, plays on the swing set, and is starting to climb on just about everything.
In my head I’m trying to paint a picture that Maddox will live a normal life. I don’t want to look ahead four years, and wonder if he will be made fun of. I’m trying to make the best of the diagnosis that we have. Maddox will continue to adventure on into his toddler years, which will come with lots of bumps, bruises, and the unknowns.
I’m not going to let hemophilia define Maddox and will do my best to make his life the best it can be. Of course there will be bumps, and an occasional bleed, but that’s expected. For now I’ll focus on the moments where his smile lights up the room, his giggle makes my heart full, and his daredevil moves make me cringe, all while feeling happy that he’s exploring life like he should be.

Heather lives in Massachusetts with her husband, Shane, and her young sons, Logan and Maddox.
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