Infusing Love: Laugh or Cry

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Anyone who knows me or has read any of my previous blogs, knows that our household basically revolves around baseball. If the weather is nice and I’m not at work, I’m at the baseball field. Sometimes it makes life a little crazy, but it makes Nick really happy and that is what’s most important.
My Facebook page is quite often filled with baseball “stuff,” whether it’s pictures of Nick and/or his friends or advertisements for all kinds of baseball t-shirts and bags. It was no surprise when a new advertisement popped up, but what the shirt said kind of made me do a double take.
Where to begin? I will say I totally agree with the concept. There’s no crying in baseball – for the most part. When Nick was much younger, I did have to threaten to take him home if he didn’t stop crying because he struck out. He was going to have to tell his coach – who happened to be his dad – that he had to leave because he couldn’t get over striking out.
But let’s move to the obvious here.  Blood clots, or does it?
Now I will admit that there have been days that I’ve looked at this t-shirt and thought, “How could somebody be so insensitive as to put that on a t-shirt?!” Because no, blood doesn’t always clot!
But there are other times, like the most recent time this t-shirt popped up on my news feed, when I actually could chuckle. I even went so far that day to post the picture on my Facebook page with the comment that we were going for a solid 2 out of 3 on this one.
However you react to this t-shirt is totally acceptable. I’ve had a few different reactions myself. The hope I have for myself is that I laugh more times than I cry or get mad. If I sit down and really think about it – I’ll get mad or sad. And honestly, I have enough justifiably mad and sad times that I don’t want to add to it if I don’t have to! So today, I choose to laugh.
Tracy, her husband, Lance, and son, Nick, (13-years-old) live in Virginia.
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