Making Memories

The Infusing Mom bloggers have a set schedule on when articles are due each week. As my date drew near, I believed I had my topic. I had been scrolling through my Facebook feed and noticing pictures of kids whose parents had captured the fun they had that day. My kids are older, and I got a little sad…thinking ‘did I capture those moments we had when they were little?’ Or did I just live in the moment forgetting to snap the photo? Or, even worse, was I too busy to do either?
The following day my Facebook memories popped up with a sweet photo of my son that I had taken on one of our walks in early spring. I remember the day – it was warm and I decided we would take a walk around the block with a tricycle he had just gotten for his birthday. Back then, Jackson was obsessed with anything pirate. No, not the MLB team – the Jack Sparrow kind. He was never without his pirate hat!
Our walk was going well, and he was enjoying his tricycle and I snapped one of my most favorite pictures of him. This took me down memory lane, and I realized that while I may not have taken lots of photos, we did do fun things. We did soak up and live in those moments. My topic was going to encourage parents that while we are busy to not beat yourself up too hard if your moment doesn’t make it on social media – you’re doing a great job! Life comes at all of us fast and just being able to live in the moment should be enough.
Then COVID-19 comes along and we are learning a whole new normal. Schools are closed; remote learning is now a thing. Businesses are closed, social distancing is a weird and awkward encounter, and new routines are being made. I’ve had to transition from a fast-paced retail job of managing folks who are training for half and full marathons to homeschool teacher. I love my kid but there is a reason I didn’t go into education!
Despite the frustration on some days, it has been cool to see my son problem solve. I am enjoying spending time with not only him but the rest of the family too. We have had dinner together as a family every night. With our schedules before COVID-19, we may have averaged three or four family dinners a week. We’ve played card games, gone on walks, made videos, talked and even took part in a live on-line photo shoot!
Being forced into quarantine was definitely a shock to our family life but it’s given us the gift of time. Time to be together, time to get to know each other again and time to love one another. There may or may not be pictures taken to document this time in our lives but the memories will always remain. Stay safe and be well!
Jen lives in Ohio with her husband, Joe, and their three children: Evelyn, Nora, and Jackson. She is part of the inaugural HFA Advocacy Leadership Council.
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