Infusing Love: Plenty to Keep Her Busy

When Scarlett was diagnosed with platelet storage pool disorder in 2011 the doctors told me she wouldn’t be able to play most sports. As she went from toddlerhood to adolescence the restrictions seemed endless and it felt like she was never going to find any after school activities that she would enjoy. It was obvious we were going to have to steer away from the traditional soccer, T-ball, and gymnastics. So we started seeking out sports that weren’t contact sports and other activities that would keep her busy, while keeping her safe.
We started by putting her in Girl Scouts, which has proven to be a good decision. It’s a stress free environment where she can meet different kids in our town and she gets introduced to an array of different activities. They spend a lot of time gardening, doing arts and crafts and learning about taking care of themselves and others.
Scarlett also got approved to play tennis last summer and it has become one of her most favorite time of the year. She loves being out on the court slamming the ball and playing with the other kids. Her coach is super supportive and has put little restrictions on her which has been a big self esteem builder for her. She’s been playing tennis for almost two years now and her skills are growing with each session.
And now she’s into theatre or anything that allows her to be up on stage, which is something I’m so grateful we’ve been able to help her pursue and can tell is her true calling. She signs up for any talent show she can find and is always eager to perform in anything her school puts on. She joined a theatre group this past fall and was cast as Wendy in Peter Pan. It was obvious to everyone that this was where Scarlett belonged and where I’m sure she will remain for a long time.  She loves dancing, singing, the social element of being involved in performances, and comes home from every practice just beaming with excitement.
Although early into her diagnosis we were worried she wouldn’t find enough to keep her busy, I think it’s safe to say that as Scarlett has gotten older she has finally found her niche.  She’s being active, competitive, and gaining confidence just like we hoped she would.  We’ve found several after school activities that give her the social outlet she’s lacking from playing competitive sports and we couldn’t be more proud of our little bleeder and how far she’s come.
Kari lives with her husband, Ryan, and 8-year-old daughter, Scarlett, and 4-year-old son, Walker, in California.
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