Our son, Michael, recently surprised us with the news that he was going to get a tattoo! I know, I know, he is 26 years old and can make his own decisions. But he still has severe hemophilia B with inhibitors. I got that knot in my stomach that all moms get – it’s a combination of nausea and nerves. I took a deep breath and just listened.
I was comforted when he told us that he had done a lot of research and had a lot of thought into this tattoo. He found an artist that did the specific kind of tattoo that he was looking for. The shop was very nice and professional. He had several consultations with this artist. Michael was upfront about his hemophilia and spent a lot of time discussing this with his artist. This was going to be the first time this artist completed a tattoo on someone with hemophilia!
Michael did do a few doses of factor, but there was no bleeding. Apparently, there are certain tattooing techniques that are easier on the skin than others. The tattoo is a beautiful hummingbird flying next to some cannas, a tropical flower.
This holds a special place in my heart. My father, who Michael was very close to, loved hummingbirds. He had them in his backyard flying around red cannas. Michael and his grandpa used to sit outside and watch these birds. Michael would say that the hummingbirds would fly right up next to my father.
Although tattoos are way more common than they were when I was a young adult, you must always use your head and your heart. I won’t lecture about how this picture is going to be on your body forever, but instead, I will encourage you to do the smart thing. Do the research and be honest and open with your artist.
Karen and her adult son, Michael, live in Ohio.
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