The Ideal Mother's Day

Most that know me will tell you I do everything for my kiddos. That I spoil them. That I’m always driving them to after school activities or going to the park, for walks, bike rides, etc. I rarely say no and let them try whatever sports and activities they want to do. I spend most days catering to their every need and for the most part don’t have a problem doing so.
But on Mother’s Day and my birthday all that changes. It’s guilt free payback time. I don’t know how you do it in your house, but I REALLY hype up Mother’s Day. Weeks, sometimes months (depending on the year), I start sending out subtle clues. I’m constantly reminding the kids (and my husband) of all the things the magic mom fairy somehow gets done and that Mother’s Day is the day to show your appreciation and gratitude for your Mom and do some things YOURSELF.
So this is how I’d like my perfect Mother’s Day to play out. . . .
#1 First and foremost I want all mothers to wake up feeling loved and appreciated. We tend to take on a lot as mothers and even more so in our bleeding disorder community.  I’ll start with wishing all my friends and loved one’s health, love and happiness and a lot of pampering.
#2 I’d like to start off my day sleeping in past 6 a.m., and not be woken up by my wonderful son screaming for me. He is 7 years old and still feels as though he needs my permission to leave his bed and come into our bedroom. This Mother’s Day I’d love for him to quietly get out of bed and crawl in bed with us versus me waking up to him screaming for me OR even go out and play with his Legos or go to the computer and turn on Netflix on his own.
#3 I love that my family attempts to make me breakfast in bed each year, but I’d love if the kids and my husband could make me a special breakfast WITHOUT asking for help finding something in the kitchen or inevitably helping crack the eggs. I’d like to add that I’d love to make sure everyone washed their hands before preparing my meal.
#4 Presents, gifts and lots of pampering ALL day. I don’t think this is much to ask. I’m easily pleased with homemade gifts from the kids – fact it’s what I’d prefer. I’d also really appreciate a future spa day from the guy who turned me into a mom. It’s truly the best gift my husband can ever give me.
#5 After everyone’s gotten dressed, teeth brushed and shoes and socks on without reminders or hearing any arguing while it’s getting done. I’d love to spend the afternoon hiking or going to the beach and having a picnic with the family.
This is where we are the most peaceful. No fighting over screen time. No whining. Just hiking, taking in our beautiful surroundings and ending it, with eating some of our favorite snacks. We usually take this opportunity to kick the ball or throw a football around. I love when I can fit mini-vacay days into our busy schedule and am grateful for every opportunity we have to take them.
#6 I’d love to end the day eating dessert with my mom and my grandma. The older we get the more simple pleasures you get to enjoy . . . . guilt free. Like eating dessert for dinner. I love a local pie company that makes sweet and savory pies that are truly a delightful treat. My grandma is 96 yrs old and I know my moments like this are not going to be here forever. I’d love to see them smile their way through a berry pie at 4:00 in the afternoon.
With all that said? What’s your dream this Mother’s Day? How do you like to be pampered? What do you do on this special day? I hope you are blessed with all the love and laughter your heart can handle – because I know I will.
Kari, Ryan, Scarlett (age 10) and Walker (age 7) live in California. Kari and Scarlett have a platelet disorder.
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