We Are Strong!

Every January I reflect on the year to come. I chose a word based on something personal, either to myself or to our family. This year I chose the word: Strong. I chose that word specific to my goals for the year. I’ve been a consistent runner since 2015. In fact, I love it so much, I made it my career. I work for a specialty run store as the Training Program Coordinator. I coach and plan logistics for over 800 runners and walkers to help them cross the finish line for a 5K, 10K, half or full marathon. My goal was to not only work on my race time but to really cross train and build muscle to prevent injury and become a well-rounded runner.
In March, the state in which I reside shut down. I became an instant teacher to my son, as his school moved to a virtual platform, all the while navigating unemployment along with everyone else in Ohio!
Our household works well on a schedule. Each day we began the day at the same time and same routine. Breakfast, classwork, break, lunch, back to classwork and then done for the day. This left me time to cross train and run. It was a great outlet to work out the stress, the not knowing and empowered me to feel like I was doing something in a world of uncertainty.
The word strong can be used to describe so many things. I wish to be physically strong. We refer to our bleeding disorder kids as strong for dealing with bleeds, rallying when it takes multiple sticks before being able to finally infuse and defying adversity. This pandemic has taught our family that we need to be strong, not only physically but both mentally and spiritually. We all had to navigate a new normal…even our poor dog couldn’t figure out why we were always home! We were able to take more breaks throughout the day, get outside and take a walk or hike at a nature center. We had dinner together every night and shared stories. We played games, painted, read books, watched movies and had LOTS of visits from our Amazon delivery driver. We talked about our fears and uncertainties. We reconnected and became stronger as a family.
Our strength continues to be tested as tensions are high in our state with the reality of new case numbers and the decisions that need to be made in regard to going back to school in a few short weeks. Making a plan and knowing it could change tomorrow. The anxiety in making the correct decision. We will lean on each other and rise up stronger; just like we did in the spring.
One word yet so powerful and meaningful for 2020.
I encourage you to find your strength in everything you do. You ARE strong!
Jen lives in Ohio with her husband, Joe, and their three children: Evelyn, Nora and Jackson. She is part of the inaugural HFA Advocacy Leadership Council.
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