Infusing Love: Wings To Fly

Next week, my 15-year-old son with severe hemophilia A will go back to school. Normally at this point in the summer, I’ve done my due diligence by asking for his teachers’ names, ensured his schedule doesn’t have him running all over campus, and asking for a meeting with the powers that be to teach them about hemophilia. I have not done any of that this year.
It’s not because I’ve become complacent about back to school issues. I still worry that there may be hiccups. But I know that in the previous nine years of his school career, we’ve built an incredibly strong individual education plan (IEP) and developed positive relationships with school staff. Those years where maybe things didn’t go as smoothly as we would have liked are paying dividends now as he enters the final few years of his secondary education.

I also know that my husband and I have tried to provide Thomas with a solid foundation to build himself into a strong, independent adult who can self-advocate. Last year when he hit a minor speed bump at school and didn’t receive two lockers, I wasn’t the one that spoke with the security office to rectify the situation. Thomas did. We’ve involved him in meetings with school staff since the time he was in elementary school, so he’s well aware of what his rights and responsibilities are, and he is able to step up when needed.
Do I still worry about sending my child with hemophilia back to school like I did when he was in kindergarten? Absolutely. But I also know that part of his education has been setting him up to function autonomously.
Sonji lives with her husband, Nathan, and three children Nora (16), Thomas, (15), & Natalie (12), in Colorado.
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