Intern Introspective: Tameelah's Podcast

As a part of the HFA Policy and Government Education internship, the interns are tasked with creating a final capstone project encompassing what they have learned, culminating in the creation of advocacy and policy programming that is aimed at a young adult audience. The capstone is fully intern-driven, from concept to execution, with support from the HFA staff.
As a psychology major, Tamleelah is very passionate about mental health and relationships for young adults. For her capstone, Tamleelah wanted to address those topics that are often not talked about, recognizing that as a community we are often more focused on what we need with our physical health or from an insurance standpoint. She felt that in order to address the needs of people in our community, we needed ask people what they want instead of giving them what we believe they need, or the advice we want them to have.
With that in mind, Tameelah began a podcast series that HFA is proud to continue beyond Tameelah’s tenure with us as an intern. The BloodFlow will be a series of roundtable conversations with young adults by young adults.
Enjoy the debut of The BloodFlow and help us congratulate Tameelah on a successful summer with HFA.
Email to submit ideas for (or volunteer to be a part of ) future episodes of The BloodFlow.