Intern Introspective: Will's Reflections

By Will Hubbert

As sad as it is to write, my time as an intern at HFA has come to an end. I’ve loved my time here, so I want to use this last reflection as an opportunity to thank my mentors and recommend the program. HFA’s internship is a truly amazing experience, and I know the entire Policy, Advocacy and Government Education team is always working hard behind the scenes to improve it.

As an HFA intern, I picked up lots of new skills. I learned to read the Federal Register, to take detailed notes from a webinar, and to write a compelling presentation plan. I also got to put these skills to use in a variety of ways that help our community, from writing reports about new developments in the Federal Register to interviewing policy experts for an upcoming podcast. As I wrote in the first reflection all about my capstone project, it’s difficult to get young people involved in our community at a happy medium of responsibility where they feel competent enough to complete the assignment but also effective enough that their work makes a difference. HFA’s Policy, Advocacy and Government Education team has found plenty of ways to keep me busy over the past 10 weeks, and for that I’ll always be grateful.

My time at HFA has also given me a new appreciation for how much advocacy really matters. As part of the PAGE team my inbox is connected to the larger advocacy listserv at HFA, and over the last few weeks I’ve gotten a sneak peek at all the incredible tasks that the PAGE team is called upon to complete every week. From writing grants and organizing meetings to tackling emergency recalls and planning virtual symposiums, the PAGE team at HFA somehow manages to keep 1000 balls in the air and even do so with good humor and grace. Many of these daunting obligations flew comfortably over my head, but seeing the level that the PAGE team routinely operates on was always good for keeping my ego in check.

I’ve loved my time at HFA, and I intend on remaining involved with the organization in the future. I’d like to thank all the PAGE team staff for accepting me as one of their own, and I’d like to urge everyone reading this to consider pursuing new opportunities in HFA. Whether that’s signing up for this internship next year or snagging one of the few remaining spots in the Young Adult Advocacy Summit this year, there are plenty of ways to get involved and the experience is truly worth it.

Thank you to Takeda for a charitable donation for making the Policy and Government Relations internship possible