Best of You, Journey to Healthier Joints: Meet Tim

Meet Tim Wicks | Team Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan

I am the Director of Camp Bold Eagle and the Youth Services Manager at the Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan. I also have severe hemophilia A and am on the HFM team for HFA’s Journey to Healthier Joints challenge.

I was doing really well with getting my steps in during the first few weeks of the competition. Unfortunately, this past Sunday I got a bleed in my left ankle and have been on crutches since.

I’ve had to modify a lot of my activities. Many of the seated exercises shown on the HFA website have been very helpful for me during this time.

Before this week, I found myself making more of an effort to get active. I’ve started going to the gym and playing basketball in the mornings (perhaps the reason behind the bleed). I’ve also tried to be more active with respect to activities for my children. Another team member and I took our families to the zoo last week. I’ve enjoyed having a reason to be active and having a reason to get up from my desk throughout the day.

HFA’s Best of You: Your Journey to Healthier Joints is a member organization-led health challenge to understand and improve joint health in adult men. Watch our social media channels and HFA News on our website for updates. 
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