Listening Sessions

One of the many ways HFA engages with community members is through listening sessions with specific sub-populations that may have specific needs, interests, and/or barriers to equitable health.

These sessions are held at our annual Symposium, at other in-person community events, and in online video conferencing sessions.

Groups have been formed based on demographics such as diagnosis, gender, inhibitor status, caregivers, preferred language, age range, and LGBTQIA+ status to learn more about the patient experience and needs. Topics covered have included, but are not limited to, aging, treatment disparities, transitioning from pediatric to adult care, mental health, financial/insurance concerns, current perspectives on treatment options/how needs change with changing treatment landscape, access issues, and desired educational topics. The information gathered during these listening sessions are used to inform HFA programs and initiatives.

If you are interested in participating in an HFA listening session or would like to suggest an un- or under-served group within the bleeding disorders community, email HFA’s Engagement & Community Health Team.