The last couple of weeks have been exceptionally busy, I have found myself very much in a New York State of Mind.

Special Kudos to Bob Fox, CEO and President of the Mary Gooley Hemophilia Treatment Center (Rochester, NY). Bob also serves as the New York Council on Bleeding Disorders, Bob took the point in coordinating New York’s first state wide lobby day. More than 40 community members and volunteers came to Albany and made the case for banning Tier IV drug pricing amongst other pressing concerns.聽 Bob of course had ample help, to list everyone involved would take too much space here, but to those of you who made the day’s events seamlessly flow, thank you.

Also, thank you to community members at Bleeding Disorders Association of the Southern Tier (Binghamton, NY) for hosting me last week, our workshop summarizing the Albany Day event, and considering new advocacy strategies was personally rewarding, may the ideas discussed inform your political program for the remainder of 2009 and 2010.聽 Blending grassroots advocacy with the beginnings of a strategic plan promises to make folks in New York Southern Tier a public policy force to be reckoned with.

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