Yesterday I received an email from a member of the bleeding disorders community.聽 The email began with “this is NOT a health care plan but a system to further invade your life/privacy, take your money, ration health care, control salaries of medical professionals聽and prescribe your death plan”. 聽The email highlighted sections of America’s Affordable Health Choices Act (H.R. 3200), with short interpretations following the highlighted section.

Excerpt from the email:

Page 50 Section 152 – Health Care will be聽provided to ALL non US citizens, illegal or otherwise

That is not what page 50, Section 152 says. Therefore, it is really important to become an “informed consumer” and know the facts.聽 The best way to learn the facts is to read the bill.聽 Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to read a bill over 1000-pages.聽 Furthermore, legislative language is not always easy on the eyes.聽 But it is important to distinguish fact from fiction.聽 聽Last week’s HFA Friday Update included a link to the Kaiser Family Foundation legislative side-by-side comparison charts. 聽Additionally, the House Tri-committee’s have provided a section-by-section analysis and summary of H.R. 3200.聽 The summaries and charts are a starting point for the “fact check” process.聽

To read the H.R. 3200 (and page 50, Section 152) and bill summaries, please visit the Advocacy in a Box section on the HFA website.

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