“Obama’s health plan will make the current situation worse”.聽 Rep. Sensenbrenner’s declaration set the tone for a “very charged up” crowd at recent town-hall meeting attended by HFA’s very own Executive Director, Kimberly Haugstad.聽 Many attendees in the standing room only meeting expressed significant frustration with the member who represents Wisconsin’s 5th-district.聽 Obama supporters expressed their concern for Rep. Sensenbrenner’s “unwillingness to compromise”. While tempers flared, real people with real health issues stood up to share their stories with Mr. Sensenbrenner and ask for his help.聽 One such attendee with a chronic, pre-existing condition wanted to know who would insure her once her COBRA ran out.聽 Unfortunately, the meeting left her with no answers or possibilities for affordable health insurance. As contentious as the town-hall meeting was, Kimberly believes “town-hall meetings are a great way to learn where your Congress member stands on health care reform and let your VOICE be heard”.聽

To see highlights (and Kimberly) from Rep. Sensenbrenner’s town-hall meeting click here.

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