In a press conference earlier this week, President Obama said “if there is not a deadline in Washington, nothing happens”.聽 Seven members of the Blue Dog Coalition expressed concerns over the cost and the need to pass “deficit neutral” health reform legislation.聽 Representative Mike Ross, Chairman of the Blue Dog Health Care Task Force feels progress has been made, but Congress has a long way to go.聽 On Thursday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the Senate will wait until after the August recess to bring the bill to a vote.聽 Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi wants floor votes by the August recess.聽 Discussions have also hinted towards a shortened August recess.

Delays聽are devastating for families and the status quo is costly. In a recent web-based teleconference, Families USA expressed concern for the thousands of people that lose access to health insurance daily.聽 Thousands more will file bankruptcy due to expensive medical bills.

The sense of urgency appears lost with some while it is a priority for others.聽 As the debate on Capitol Hill continues, the deficit and the number of uninsured and underinsured will continue to rise.聽 聽 What should the deadline be to reform America’s health system?

The time is now to ensure continued access to affordable, quality care and therapies!聽 To contact your member of Congress toll-free, please call: 聽1.800.828.0498

Food for thought:聽 The Center for American Progress highlights the “cost of doing nothing” with a comprehensive 10-year review of health care premiums. To view the chart click here.

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