Town hall meetings across the United States have gotten out of control.聽 Fights, yelling, tombstones with names of Congress members, and vulgar posters are the norm.聽 Members of Congress are in fear of their lives.聽 Some have opted for “tele-town hall meetings” instead. What happened to civil meetings with dialogue between Congress members and their constituents? People are understandably angry and want answers.聽 Major reform of our health system is on the table.聽 Nevertheless, it’s important to know the facts.聽 Members of Congress have pledged to take time during the August recess to read the health care reform bills.聽 Use this time to learn and highlight facts vs. myths and share your concerns at a local town hall meeting.聽

HFA has information (location, date, time) on town-hall meetings across the country.聽 We have distributed information to community leadership. If you would like more information about town-hall meetings in your area, please contact the HFA office.聽聽聽If you have any questions, concerns or want to share your town hall meeting experience with HFA, please contact the Public Policy Team.

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