Posted April 29, 2010

By Jenny Backus, Acting Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs

Young adults often have a hard time getting affordable health insurance.聽 Some go into jobs that don’t offer health benefits, some can’t afford it, and some are denied it because they have a pre-existing condition.聽 Those days are coming to an end.聽 The Affordable Care Act will require insurers to allow young adults under age 26 to get health coverage through their parents, starting this fall – helping millions of young adults to get insurance.

But Secretary Sebelius isn’t waiting -she sent a letter urging insurers to allow young adults under age 26 to keep their coverage now. Many insurers have agreed to do just that. This is great news for many college students, who risk losing their health insurance when they graduate this spring and summer. What’s more, the Affordable Care Act raises the age for children who can be covered tax-free on their parents’ health insurance policy. Click here for the article..

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