Learn more about nutrition

For more information related to healthy eating, check out the following websites.聽 These are reputable sites that contain reliable facts based on scientific evidence.

Visit this site for tips about how to make smart food choices using the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Access a wealth of information about how to eat a healthy diet and manage your weight.

Learn how to use nutrition labels to make quick, informed food choices for a healthy diet.

Check out this interactive program to plan a healthy diet while controlling your calories.聽 Learn how to use nutrition labels for healthy weight management.

Find resources and tools to encourage healthy eating and activity behaviors for children, parents, and caregivers.

Discover easy tips for eating a variety of fruits and vegetables every day.

Visit this site for more information about the food groups and their essential nutrients.

Visit the We Can home page, and click on Healthy Weight Basics to learn how to calculate your body mass index and maintain a healthy weight or click on Eat Right for tips on choosing healthy, lower calorie foods at home and at restaurants, reading nutrition labels, and more.

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