聽聽聽 Fall is a wonderful time of year to get outdoors and observe the changes Mother Nature is treating us to.聽 Cooler temperatures, changing colors and falling leaves provides a beautiful backdrop. It is the perfect time to grab a jacket and head out to local orchards and farmers markets to enjoy the healthful treasures the fall harvest provides.

聽聽聽 There are a wide variety of nutritious and budget friendly fresh fruits and vegetables in season.聽 Some of the choices you will find include:


Apples-loaded with vitamin C.聽 A wide variety of apples are available this time of year.聽 They are perfect for a snack and delicious spiced up and baked in the oven.

fruits and vegeatable in an outdoor marketPears-are a great source of fiber and vitamin C and contain only 100 calories per serving. 聽

Pomegranates-full of antioxidants (which help prevent cancer and heart disease,) vitamin C, potassium and fiber.聽 Pomegranates are great on salads or in shakes and smoothies.

Cranberries-one of the best choices for antioxidants. Cranberries come in a variety of forms like聽juice, dried, sauce聽& fresh.


Squash-high in vitamins A & C and full of fiber.聽 Squash can be prepared in a variety of ways and is a delicious addition to any meal.

Pumpkins-full of antioxidants, vitamin A and fiber.聽 Pumpkin is great for cooking and baking and roasted pumpkins seeds contain anti-inflammatory properties and are a great on the go snack.

Beets-high in folate and potassium.聽 Beets are also full of antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties.聽 Great steamed and peeled as a side dish or in salads.

Cauliflower-rich in vitamin C, vitamin K and fiber, cauliflower is a great choice for eating.聽 Enjoy it raw or steamed to reap the most nutritional benefit from it.

Parsnips-this root vegetable is a great source of vitamins C & K.聽 Great in soup, or drizzled with olive oil and roasted with other root vegetables.

Sweet Potatoes-high in vitamins A& C and rich in fiber.聽 For the most nutritional benefit it is best to steam or boil.聽 Also contains anti-inflammatory properties. 聽Delicious and nutritious.

Click here to find local orchards and farmers markets in your area.


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