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The PACT Program and the PACT Foundation Grants are two exciting services that are available to other chapters/associations throughout the country. HANJ, under the direction of Elena Bostick, administers both programs through Baxter Bioscience sponsored grants.

Please review both programs and take note of featured deadlines as they are posted.


2012 PACT Foundation Grant Winners

  • Hemophilia & Bleeding Disorders of Alabama, Inc.
  • Arizona Hemophilia Association
  • Hemophilia Foundation of Illinois
  • Hemophilia Foundation of Minnesota/Dakotas
  • New York City Hemophilia Chapter
  • New England Hemophilia Association
  • Hemophilia of North Carolina
  • The Delaware Valley Chapter
  • Virginia Hemophilia Foundation

PACT Workshop Program

The Partnership for Advocacy and Communications Training (PACT) workshop is a one and a half day advocacy workshop, which is sponsored by an unrestricted educational grant from Baxter, but facilitated and organized by the Hemophilia Association of New Jersey (HANJ). The goal of the workshop is to provide organizational development, education and enhanced advocacy skills to state hemophilia chapters and associations.

The workshop includes a combination of outside speakers from state government and private institutions as well as peer-to-peer education. Each participant will receive a binder with detailed case studies and sample letters on topics such as fundraising, advocacy and organizational and committee structure.

Dates for this year’s workshop will be announced within the next few weeks. Participant expenses are fully reimbursed through the HANJ.

If you or one of your state organizations would like more information about the program please contact Elena Bostick at the Hemophilia Association of New Jersey office at 732-249-6000 or

Purpose of the PACT Grant Program

Over the past several years the hemophilia consumer and provider community has had serious concerns regarding the changing health care environment. At issue has been the need to maintain quality care for all persons affected by hemophilia. The rapidly changing marketplace has raised questions about the future of hemophilia care delivery, and patient access to the full range of needed products and services, including access to the appropriate specialty providers who offer them. The challenge is to preserve policies and programs that ensure patient access.

It has become apparent that aggressive, state-based advocacy offers the greatest opportunity to identify and respond to potential threats and opportunities. In 2005 Baxter BioScience agreed to fund a pilot program which would support state advocacy initiatives that are geared toward maintaining and/or expanding access to high quality care for persons with hemophilia. To date 51 grants have been awarded for a total of $1,162,300.

As an example, some previously submitted PACT projects sought to:

  • Protect access to medicine and services through state legislation.
  • Conduct grassroots advocacy campaigns, directed at key decision makers, in an effort to preserve quality of care.
  • Provide a specific and valuable resource to consumers, individually, to help them maintain access.


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