Currently there are no studies that have determined the benefits of eating organic food for people with hemophilia, however, science has proven that eating organic food is healthier overall than eating food grown in the convention way with toxic chemicals. Although the government has always steered clear of endorsing organic agriculture, health-conscious shoppers around the US have known that buying organic is better for your body, farm workers and the environment.

There have been numerous studies to assess the value and benefits of eating organically.聽 The physical benefits of eating organic are related to the level of toxins found in conventional food that are not found in organic foods. An article from the Journal of Applied Nutrition gave credence to the notion that organic foods have higher nutrient levels that non-organic food. This study uncovered the mineral content of organic apples, pear, potatoes, wheat, and sweet corn were compared to commercial varieties. Organic foods showed much higher levels of nutrient minerals and much lower levels of heavy metals.

Below are some nutritional reasons why people make the choice to eat organic food:

  • 63% higher in calcium for strong bones.
  • Boron helps prevent osteoporosis (along with calcium) and it is around 70% more in organic food.
  • Magnesium averages about 138% higher in organic food. This mineral reduces mortality from heart attacks, keeps muscles from spasming, and eases the symptoms of PMS.
  • Lithium, which is 188% higher in organic food helps to treat certain types of depression.
  • Mercury, which can cause neurologic damage, averaged 25% lower in organic foods.
  • Selenium is an antioxidant that protects us from damage of environmental chemicals, and it protective us against cancers and heart disease. It was found to be an average of 390% higher in organic foods

Selecting food is a personal choice, and it is up to you to determine what is best you and your wallet. Start off slow in eating organic foods by visiting your local farmers market, and eating local organically grown produce.

Special Note:聽 Many farmers market except WIC and food stamps. Check first with the organizers of the farmer market. Here’s a list of farmers markets that accept food stamps.




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