New York, NY — On Tuesday, February 12th, Believe Digital releases Stop The Bleeding!, a comedic web series about a dysfunctional bleeding disorders non­profit. The show was created by Lynch following the hemophilia­related death of his brother Adam, also a severe hemophiliac, as a means of more effectively engaging young people in the bleeding disorders community.

Stop The Bleeding! follows Spencer (Lynch), a loveable fool who tries to help the bleeding disorder community with new ideas and inventions but fails at every turn, all while being filmed for a reality show (think: The Office meets hemophilia).

The show’s first three episodes were made possible through an unrestricted educational grant from Baxter International Inc. Future episodes will be sponsored by a variety of companies & organizations in the community.



Believe Digital is a production company focused on connecting young people with their health care in innovative ways. We package messages in entertaining digital videos and utilize social media platforms to maintain ongoing conversation with fans of our work. We entertain, we engage, then we educate, and as a small company without crippling red­tape and protocol, we are perfectly positioned to communicate with young people in “smartfunny” and truly impactful ways.


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