CBS New York — The Denver Broncos gave a Staten Island boy the thrill of his life – and they did it before even arriving in the Tri-State Area for the Big Game.

As CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez reported, Seth Patsakos, 11, and two of his three brothers all suffer from hemophilia – a rare bleeding disorder where the blood does not clot normally.

“I like to play football and do a lot of things that my friends do because, I say that I have hemophilia, but hemophilia doesn’t have me,” Seth said.

But what does have Seth’s heart is the Broncos. His bedroom is a shrine to the AFC champs.

And it just so happened that an authentic championship football signed by the entire Broncos team was delivered to his Staten Island home.

“I opened it and I turned it over, and I saw the signatures and the Denver Broncos thing,” Seth said. “And I was so excited. I was, like, screaming.”

The priceless gift was the doing of Broncos long snapper Aaron Brewer.

Brewer’s mother, a pharmacist in California, asked for something special for Seth after she saw him in a company video about Seth’s pharmacist father and the challenges caring for children with hemophilia.

Seth’s mother, Christine Patsakos, said the joy the team gave their son is better than any medication.

“To all of them my family is so grateful to them because I know that this is something that, I don’t think he could have ever imagined it,” Christine Patsakos said.

“All the signatures — I’m still speechless,” Seth said.

Seth said nothing could top getting this autographed football from the Denver Broncos, but we put our heads together and figured maybe meeting the team might do the trick.

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