Blood Transfusion, a quarterly print and online publication of the Italian Society on Transfusion Medicine and Immunohaematology (SIMTI), released a special edition at the WFH World Congress in Melbourne entitled “Haemophilia Centre Accreditation Systems and Networks of Centres of Expertise for Rare Diseases in Europe and North America”.  This report supplement reviews current efforts in Europe and North America to develop standards and accreditation systems for treatment centers and networks of centers of expertise for blood disorders. Please follow the link below to access the supplement issue. Read the recent publication of Blood Transfusion. 

Part of this special edition includes a review authored by Mark W. Skinner, Mike Soucie and Kathryn McLaughlin on behalf of the US National Hemophilia Program (NHP).

Read the report on the National Hemophilia Foundation’s website. 


Note: Blood Transfusion is an open access publication and offers free online access to articles for personal use.

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