cell phonneIn March we posted about the difference between organic and non- organic produce and the importance of knowing which ones are better to buy organic. /news-stories/2014/03/organic-vs-non-organic-produce/

There is a lot of information shared about this topic and it seems the lists of what you should buy organic is often changing.

In your quest to eat healthy are you wishing there was an easier way to remember all of the produce you should buy organically when you are doing your grocery shopping?聽 There鈥檚 an app for that!

The Environmental Working Group, the creators of the 鈥淒irty Dozen鈥 and 鈥淐lean 15鈥 lists, have created an app that makes it easier than ever to check which produce has the least amount of pesticide residue and which ones you should try to buy organic.

The app, entitled 鈥淒irty Dozen鈥, provides a complete list with colorful pictures of the 12 worst and 15 best options when buying produce.聽 They also provide a ranking of 48 fruits and vegetables in order of their likelihood to contain pesticide residue.

This app is free and available in both the聽Apple and Android marketplace.聽 Keep it in mind the next time you shop.聽 It can not only聽help you stay healthy by聽reducing your risk of exposure to pesticides聽it聽can also save you money on your fresh fruits and vegetables!

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