In 2014, HFA’s Helping Hands program assisted聽275 households聽and distributed over聽$124,00 in direct aid to families in the bleeding disorders community!聽Of those 275 households helped in 2014, we assisted 95聽聽families/individuals聽with their housing expenses.

Read how one family benefited from this vital program…

I cannot thank Helping Hands enough for what they did for my family. Last year was a rough year for my son who have severe hemophilia with an active inhibitor. We have learned through the years how to manage his hemophilia and the inhibitor. Something changed around the middle of the year last year. There were lots of Helping Hands_Householdsbleeds, swollen joints, and mobility聽problems. We had to travel back and forth to the Hemophilia Treatment Center so many times. There were tests, procedures, endless appointments, and several hospitalizations. There were times where I felt like we live in a hospital more than our home, which was also a couple hours away. Besides worrying for my son, I also have several kids that needed my care. My husband and I would take turns to accompany our son as we juggle with our jobs. With family support, we tried our best to make ends meet.

Late in the year, my son had a serious complication that caused him to get hospitalized for over 3 weeks. My husband and I literally had to drop everything so we can be with our son. And we got behind on our bills. Eventually, my husband returned to work because we know we would be in bigger trouble if the bills don鈥檛 get paid. We started catching up to our bills, but we needed some extra help with our house bill. Helping Hands helped us with it, and I can鈥檛 me more grateful. Now, we are at a stable place with our son鈥檚 health and we are continuing to be a working family making ends meet.


In 2015, HFA is hosting聽two Gears for Good bike rides聽to raise funds to support Helping Hands. In June, riders rode along the Farmington Trail in Connecticut for the second annual inaugural regional Gears for Good bike ride.

On September 26-28, riders from around the country will bike 156+ miles in the fifth annual Gears for Good bike ride from West Virginia聽to Washington, DC. In both bike rides, riders will have the opportunity聽to connect while raising awareness and funds聽for community members in need.

When you make a tax-deductible聽contribution of聽$15.60 or more to support this critical cause,聽you will be entered into a raffle to win a free trip (airfare and hotel paid for) to Symposium 2015 in St. Louis!聽Note: the winner will be announced in October.

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