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Christmas is just a few days away. If any of you are like me, you are wondering where the year has gone. At work, clients want all their matters wrapped up and at home I need all my presents wrapped up!!

You鈥檝e probably heard the Walgreens commercial 鈥 on the corner of happy and healthy. I鈥檓 currently living on the corner of stress and pressure. For that reason, I found it difficult to get into the holiday spirit this year. But something hit me recently, at an odd time: As Nick and I were walking the dog, we rounded the corner and saw our house. I said to Nick, 鈥淭he house really is pretty with the wreaths and candles in the windows.鈥

At that moment, I realized that no matter how stressful life gets, all of the work is going to get done and all of the presents will get wrapped. And if we鈥檙e lucky, we might even make some cookies. But more importantly, on December 24 and 25 and the days following, I will be lucky enough to be surrounded by my loved ones 鈥 and those that aren鈥檛 with us will be in our hearts.


As much as I鈥檓 thinking about work and all the things that need to get done, in a few days it won鈥檛 matter. I鈥檒l be surrounded by what鈥檚 really important. We鈥檝e all heard people say, and I鈥檓 sure a few of us are guilty of it, that people get too wrapped up in the 鈥渟tuff鈥 involved in Christmas. I know I do! I want everybody to have the perfect gift. I want to have perfect meals planned and perfect baked goods. I want my house to look and smell heavenly. It鈥檚 taken me a long time to realize that I鈥檓 setting myself up for failure. Anything less than perfect will be disappointing — but only to me! Those that really love you and care for you think everything is perfect, no matter what. And really, what is more perfect than being surrounded by those you love, and that love you.

Truth be told, this is easier said than done things for me. My goal for this year, and my hope for all of my fellow hemo-moms, is that we be okay with less than perfect. Rather than perfect, let鈥檚 do what we can, forget about what we can鈥檛, and really enjoy life in the moment. My son is going to be 13 in a few months. I know the time is coming that his mom isn鈥檛 going to be as cool as she thinks she is and his friends are going to take priority. So I am treasuring those random moments that are out of the blue and he tells me he loves me and gives me a hug. That鈥檚 more important than any batch of cookies or any perfectly wrapped gift.

Best wishes to you all for a wonderful holiday season and very happy (bleed free) New Year!

Tracy, her husband, Lance, and son, Nick, (12 years old) live in Virginia.


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