Dear Advocate:

After yesterday’s election, there are many questions for the bleeding disorders community.

While we don’t have all of the answers, we understand the concerns many have.

No matter what your politics are, know that HFA is there for YOU — the bleeding disorders community.聽We offer you our reassurance that we will continue to be on Capitol Hill and at state legislative days to make sure your voice is heard, to provide leadership and guidance to our community, and to fight for policies that protect patients鈥 access to care. We are actively watching, listening, and participating in policy work at the state and federal levels on behalf of you.

Our community has a long legacy of grassroots advocacy work. Now is the time for us to show what kind of advocates the bleeding disorders community is made of. In the coming days, being informed, staying involved, and taking action will be more important than ever. We ask that you make a commitment to stand with HFA and when called upon, make your voice heard!

Below are a number of resources to help you become better informed, understand HFA’s policy priorities, and ways to connect with your elected representatives. It takes all of us working together.

Remember, advocacy is in聽YOUR聽blood.

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Kimberly Haugstad, MBA
CEO & President






Katie Verb, JD
Director, Policy & Government Relations

Connect with Your Elected Officials

As a citizen, one of the most powerful ways to 聽affect change is by contacting your elected official.Use this resource聽to follow the issues important to the bleeding disorders community and then write, call, or tweet your Congressman.

Engage with Your Elected Officials

Know the Issues

There are a multitude of policy issues facing the bleeding disorders community.聽As a grassroots organization, we support the community by providing information and tools to participate in monitoring, advocating, and supporting federal and state public policies that impact the lives of people living with bleeding disorders.

Policy Priorities


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