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I always look forward to reading the weekly Infusing Love Mom Blogs. I enjoy reading about the lives of other caregivers and their perspective on their particular journey or story they take the time to share with readers.

I usually have something noteworthy to write about. With three active kids who have chronic illnesses, one would think I should have story after story to write about. The truth is; I don鈥檛. At this point in time the Loving family is B-O-R-I-N-G!

It is wonderful to be boring! Not that the last few months haven鈥檛 been uneventful. We had the stomach bug right before Christmas and then the flu hit us in February. So maybe we were due for boring.jen_boring

It鈥檚 nice to not have current concerns related to bleeding disorders. However, at any moment that could change. That little tweak to the ankle, a jam to a finger, a nose bleed, — those three little words could result in, 鈥淚t鈥檚 a bleed.鈥 You can go from 0 to a 100 miles an hour in no time flat. Get the factor ready! Where鈥檚 the tourniquet? We need to call the HTC! Will we need to go to the ER? Plans for a night out, a play date, or work meeting are instantly erased. Sometimes that鈥檚 okay; other times it鈥檚 a pain, but every time I am grateful that I can be there to take care of and comfort him.

We can鈥檛 get too comfortable while living a boring life. Just as we are clipping along hemophilia likes to rear its ugly head. We can choose to live with anxiety of when the next bleed may come or or we can choose to live in the moment. We choose to live in the moment. I don鈥檛 want my son to ever not take a chance, to be afraid to try something or go somewhere because of the 鈥渨hat-if鈥檚.” So if we need to trade our boring in for crazy that is what we will do!

My hope is you are lucky enough to have a boring period and if you are in the craziness right now know that your boring will come 鈥 take the time to enjoy it!

Jen lives in Ohio with her husband, Joe, and their three children: Evelyn (21), Nora (14), and Jackson (7).

*Note: 鈥淚nfusing Love: A Mom鈥檚 View,鈥 is a blog collection of personal opinions and a representation of individuals experiences. While extensive efforts are made to ensure accuracy of the content, the blog entries do not represent HFA or its Board of Directors. The blog is also not intended to be construed as medical advice or the official opinion/position of HFA, its staff, or its Board of Directors. Readers are strongly encouraged to discuss their own medical treatment with their healthcare providers.

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