Dear Addy,

I saw a lot of activity on social media last week about HFA鈥檚 Virtual Hill Day and Patient Fly-in. Can I still participate?

Always an Advocate

Dear Advocate,

YES! On May 24th, HFA organized a Virtual Hill Day, in conjunction with meetings on Capitol Hill, to encourage community members nationwide to contact their Senators about health reform. There鈥檚 still time to call, write, and tweet your Senators about what you need in reform.

With the recent passage of HR 1628, the American Health Care Action (AHCA), the bleeding disorders community needs to continue advocating for access to quality health care. The bill the House passed would have a disastrous impact on patients with bleeding disorders using either Medicaid or private insurance. The Senate has indicated that they intend to start from scratch on health care legislation and that they need to hear from their constituents.

HFA鈥檚 Take Action Center contains all you need to reach out to your Senators:

  • Got 5 minutes?
    • Send a quick Tweet to your Senator.
  • Got 15 minutes?
    • Call your Senator and let their office know what you need in health care reform.
  • Got 30 minutes?
    • Write an email to your Senator and share your story!

Continue following HFA鈥檚 social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, for updates, and check out HFA鈥檚 Health Care Legislation Outlook tracker for the latest policy analysis.



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