Dear Addy,

I鈥檝e heard about HFA鈥檚 new Learning Central, but I鈥檓 not sure how to find it and the benefits of using it. Can you provide more information?

Lifelong Learner

Dear Learner,

HFA鈥檚 Learning Central is part of the HFA Institute, a new e-learning initiative designed for the bleeding disorders community. The HFA Institute offers you free access to fun, informative courses covering many facets of the bleeding disorders world. Whether you want to learn the mechanics of how blood clots, how to participate in patient-centered outcomes research, or how to have more informed conversations with your healthcare providers, the HFA Institute can help.

If you are not familiar with e-learning, this unique online platform allows participants to absorb information, deciding if they want 鈥渢he basics鈥 or to 鈥済et scientific.鈥 You can check your knowledge through quizzes and interactive games, put your new knowledge to use, and revisit things you might have missed the first time through. Plus, you can choose your own path through the curriculum, exploring topics that catch your interest while building on what you just learned. Current topic areas include: Bleeding Disorders Basics and Clinical Trials and Research. Watch for Current, New and Emerging Treatmentsand Therapies and other topics coming soon!

To access HFA鈥檚 Learning Central, go to on your smart phone, tablet or computer. You can register, which will allow you to track where you are and what you鈥檝e done, or you can enter as a guest (tracking will be limited). Registration is quick and easy. HFA鈥檚 Learning Central is a great education tool for anyone, from new families to people who鈥檝e lived with and managed a bleeding disorder for years.



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