Dear Addy,

I attended HFA鈥檚 Symposium in San Diego and really enjoyed the history exhibit. Is there a way for me to access the timeline? I鈥檇 like to read more about the history of the bleeding disorders community.


Advocate for the Ages

Dear Advocate,

Yes! You can access the latest version of HFA鈥檚 historical timeline on You can also listen to videos and oral histories from the bleeding disorders community here. The timeline was first created by HFA staff and volunteers five years ago and was updated in conjunction with HFA鈥檚 25th anniversary and Symposium. HFA鈥檚 history project, 鈥淗onoring Our Past, Building Our Future,鈥 serves as an important advocacy tool. Please share the timeline with others! For a very brief overview of the timeline from the 1930s-present, read this 2017 Dear Addy post.

As you may have heard at Symposium, HFA recently announced an initial donation of historical artifacts related to the history of the bleeding disorders community to the Smithsonian Institute’s National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. This is an exciting first step in preserving the history of the bleeding disorders community for future generations. Your financial gift will help ensure the history of the聽bleeding disorders community is preserved into the future; find out how to donate here.

While HFA has collected many documents, articles and artifacts, we realize there may be more memorabilia stashed in attics all across the country! Community members and organizations are encouraged to share and work with HFA to preserve a comprehensive record of the community鈥檚 history. Submit a photo of something you have that may be added to the HFA or Smithsonian collection. A committee will review the submissions and work with you to collect and return items.

Stay tuned to HFA鈥檚 social media and electronic and print communications for more information as this project develops.



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