Hemophilia Federation of America is aware of a drastic increase in social media targeting members of the bleeding disorders community on a number of initiatives. Wanting the best for the community, HFA encourages the community to be vigilant and cautious when interacting on social media platforms.

While HFA respects the rights of each individual to make their own decisions and manage their own social media, HFA encourages individuals to investigate connection requests and group interactions. As with any health information, we encourage community members to educate themselves to make informed decisions 鈥 be savvy about what sources of information to trust and with whom to safely share personal data.

Before providing personal information or making a financial commitment, HFA encourages individuals to do their due diligence and obtain information from credible sources.聽If you have questions regarding the practices of an organization, visit the Guidestar or CharityNavigator webpages for more information.

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