We’re excited to announce Hemophilia Federation of America President and CEO, Sharon Meyers, will be a presenter in an upcoming webinar with the National Organization for Rare Disorders.

Fundraising is one of the top priorities of our member organizations, and as such, we are bringing expert speakers to discuss guidelines for relationship building and engaging industry and foundations to secure funding for your programs and research. Per the request of our members, we also invited a Chan Zuckerberg Institute’s (CZI) Rare As One Program grant awardee to speak on their organization’s work to build a winning proposal.

Program Objectives

  • Learn to convert your great idea for a program or activity into a funding proposal
  • Receive guidance on how to prioritize activities based on funding
  • Gain a better understanding of how donors and聽sponsors evaluate funding opportunities
  • Learn how to articulate your programs and plans in a way that supports development in seeking funding

Register for the FREE Webinar
Thursday, March 19
1 to 2 p.m. EST

Webinar Speakers:


Julie Manus,
Associate Director of Development, NORD
Sharon Meyers,
President & CEO, Hemophilia Federation of America


Jennifer Perry,
President & Co-Founder, Li-Fraumeni Syndrome Association
Allie Crafton,
Membership Associate, NORD

Every month, NORD hosts members-only webinars to update rare disease leaders on current events, news, resources, programs and new opportunities available to our member organizations.聽

We invite experts to participate as guest speakers on topics of interest to the rare community, including medical education, federal legislation, state advocacy, awareness raising, research and clinical trials, registries and more.


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