It鈥檚 hard to believe, but our summer interns are more than halfway through their time with us this summer. In this blog post Will and Tameelah give you an inside look into an average week in the life of an intern, and in Will鈥檚 words, 鈥渉opefully inspire some intrepid young person to apply for this opportunity next year.鈥


Obviously COVID has changed the intern experience, but the HFA Policy, Advocacy and Government Education team has been great at rolling with the punches and I鈥檝e gained a ton out of the experience. Most of my week is spent doing research on the state of healthcare as it relates to bleeding disorders. This year a lot of the conversation is centered around COVID, so I鈥檝e been examining questions like how HTCs have adopted to telehealth. I research these questions by reading articles, listening to panels, and talking to the experts of HFA鈥檚 policy and advocacy team. Each week I submit a short blurb about what I鈥檝e learned, ideally pointing out several items of interest for the team to follow up on if they鈥檙e actually useful. I also participate in HFA team calls, where I get an inside peak at how the team decides on priorities and gels together to get big things done.

Beyond that, the HFA policy and advocacy team wants me to learn more about what they work on all year long and what methods they use to get their work out there. I have a few assignments each week, specially curated to help me learn about different components of the job. Some are public facing, like writing for this blog post or a creating a social media post for Project CALLS. Others are more for my own benefit, like documenting the progress of a bill as it moves through my state legislature or reading up on the Affordable Care Act.

Finally, as an intern I鈥檓 expected to create a capstone project that can be used at HFA after my time comes to an end. I posted about my capstone in my last blog and as the internship winds down I鈥檓 increasingly focusing on the finishing touches of this project. This week I鈥檓 putting a lot of my energy into finalizing slide shows for several modules of my program, and by next week I want to have all the accompanying lesson plans finalized. It鈥檚 a lot of work, but I鈥檓 confident that this program can come in handy!

Anyways, that鈥檚 the average week in my life as an intern. I hope this post has inspired someone out there to apply for this opportunity. I can鈥檛 recommend the program enough鈥攁s an intern I鈥檝e learned a ton, and more importantly I鈥檝e had an opportunity to work on subjects that really inspire me. I know this position will be even more rewarding in a COVID-less world, and I urge anyone who鈥檚 on the fence about the internship to take the plunge and apply.


The average day as an intern starts with the best drink on earth 鈥 coffee! I wake up in the morning having received at least 10 emails from different news sources about the upcoming or latest events in America. Most of them are about Medicare or COVID-19. I pick a source and read it to see if it is something I should include in my weekly journal entry.聽Throughout the day, I work on some projects and start thinking about what I need to be done for the week.

Each week we have Zoom calls to attend or are watching webinars that keeps us updated with current events. Most of the webinars have are about different kind of insurance coverage and plans or include advocacy tips about catching the attention of our legislators.

The last seven weeks have allowed me to gain a lot of information that I was previously blind to. We have not only learned about health care policy, but we鈥檝e been exposed to general professional development trainings that will help us throughout our careers. By being a part of HFA internships,聽I have been able to get comfortable and understand health care policies that were unknown to me.

*Thank you to Takeda for a charitable donation for making the Policy and Government Relations internship possible

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