The following information has been provided by Genentech.

“Genentech recently launched a new聽website聽, dedicated to supporting the Hemophilia community. Here you can watch videos, read articles and learn how Genentech is committed to advancing all aspects of life with hemophilia A. Genentech supports the Hemophilia community through a variety of ways including a web series called聽Challenge Accepted. This web series shares what it means to live with a bleeding disorder. You’ll also find a聽new video聽featuring Genentech鈥檚 commitment to safety and their robust process to monitor the safety of its medicines.

Genentech鈥檚 partnership with the hemophilia community began over 30 years ago*聽when we developed our first medicine to help people with hemophilia A. This partnership continues today through a lasting commitment to the hemophilia A community that goes far beyond providing medicines.

We鈥檙e committed to advancing all aspects of life with hemophilia A, starting with patient care. We strive to provide聽Treatment for All聽who need it, including underserved communities around the globe.

We聽Connect the Community聽through active engagements that help bring these individuals together to learn and grow.

We聽Support the Person聽through education, resources and tools designed to help individuals thrive throughout their treatment journey.

With your help, we will continue to deliver聽now聽what the community needs next.聽That is our commitment to you.

Learn more at聽”


*Genentech out licensed worldwide production and marketing of factor VIII.

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