Hemophilia Federation of America is pleased to announce an upcoming event, Dateline Live: Navigating Approved Products and Emerging Therapies.

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This four-day, online event will take place from June 23-25, 2021 and will help patients and caregivers with daunting responsibility of navigating available treatment options and emerging therapies. 

Annually, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of therapies approved by the Food and Drug Administration as well as all investigational therapeutic products undergoing clinical trial and have published that list in a special issue of our quarterly magazine Dateline Federation. This year, we are bringing this special issue to life as we launch Dateline Live. 

Over three days, we will be hosting a series of webinars that will take you on a deep dive through topics including: 

  • Shared Decision Making: Making the Most of the Patient/Provider Relationship  
  • Bleeding Disorders Alphabet Soup — What Do These Letters Mean?  
  • Get Counted: The Importance of Registries  
  • Current Product Q&A 
  • Emerging Therapies: What is the Latest in Clinical Trials 
  • Product-specific educational sessions hosted by manufacturers  

Whether a parent’s child has just been diagnosed, or someone has lived with a bleeding disorder for decades, knowledge of treatment options is a key component of being able to advocate for themselves and essential to having informed conversations with health care professionals. 

One of our guiding principles since our founding has been to provide the tools and education patients and their families need to make informed decisions about their bleeding disorder. This annual special edition of Dateline Federation is a product of our focus on that principle. We hear from community members annually that they find this tool helpful in their journey of navigating treatment options and emerging therapies and a conversation starter with medical providers. 

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