Hemophilia Federation of America is proud to announce that the organization has been awarded the 2021 Gold Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health by Mental Health America (MHA). This Bell Seal is a firstofitskind workplace mental health certification that recognizes employers who strive to create mentally healthy workplaces for their employees. 

MHA, founded in 1909, is the nation’s leading community-based nonprofit dedicated to addressing the overall mental health of all. MHA has spent decades researching mental health in the workplace, and in 2019, introduced the Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health to recognize companies and organizations that understand the value of addressing mental health at work and implement policies and practices that support employee well-being. 

The Bell Seal recognizes employer advances in workplace mental health by awarding recognition levels of Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. HFA underwent a rigorous evaluation of its policies and practices in five areas: workplace culture, benefits, wellness programs, legal compliance, and leadership and community engagement. Our status at Gold demonstrates our dedication to employee wellbeing for outstanding scores in workplace culture, employee perks and programs, legal and ethical compliance and leadership and community engagement. 

We are incredibly proud to be among the first organizations to be certified by MHA” said Sharon Meyers, President & CEO of HFA. “Our status as a Gold Bell Seal demonstrates HFA’s ongoing commitment to employee mental health and well-being, and aligns with our focus on mental health resources and support for members of the bleeding disorders community members.” 

Meyers went on to say “HFA chose to pursue the Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health to see if we are focused on the right things with mental health. Our overarching goal was to review everything we are currently doing to get helpful ideas on areas we can improve. We found the process to be thorough, fair and incredibly insightful; Mental Health America is truly the expert in this area. We will continue efforts organizationally and with the larger community to focus on mental health and wellness for people living with a bleeding disorder.” 

HFA is committed to providing the best for our employees and looks forward to our continued work to ensure we uphold the standards set forth by the Gold Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health 

You can learn more about MHA and the Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health at 

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