Health Care Coverage

Advocacy Issues, Andy Mathews

August 20, 2011

Andy Matthews discusses advocacy issues that he feels are important.

A Hopeful Future

July 12, 2011

Ryan and EJ share their experiences growing up with hemophilia. The future of our community is hopeful with the advancements in care and support from others who understand!

Grounded In Reality: The Effects of Health Care Reform on Leland Smith

June 7, 2011

For some, the teenage years are the time to dream. But Leland Smith, who has severe hemophilia A, has always had to be firmly grounded in reality. “[Careers] like movie star or athlete aren’t even in the books,” he says wistfully. Leland’s hemophilia comes with a complication called an inhibitor: a resistance to the medication […]

Transitions: The Effects of Health Care Reform on Alex Ell

May 13, 2011

Twenty-three year old Alex Ell was diagnosed with hemophilia at birth.聽 Hemophilia is a rare genetic bleeding disorder that results in excessive bleeding, occurring spontaneously or as a result of an injury. 聽Bleeding episodes cause聽pain and damage to joints, muscles and organs.聽These episodes are treated聽with an聽intravenous infusion of blood clotting products to replace the missing […]

Much More Hopeful: The effects of Health Care Reform on the Dunham family

February 11, 2011

Health care reform is a controversial issue, but for families dealing with chronic medical conditions, there is no controversy.聽 For Jenni Dunham of Tennessee, whose husband Chris and son Jacob both have von Willebrand disease, the future has gotten “much more hopeful” since the reform. Jenni estimates that Jacob, now three, would have reached the […]

Watch Lisa Grasshoff’s HELP Committee Testimony

February 1, 2011

“Full Committee Hearing – The Affordable Care Act: The Impact of Health Insurance Reform on Health Care Consumers” Lisa Grasshoff’s testimony to the HELP(Health, Education, Labor and Pensions) Committee begins at minute 112:50. Watch Lisa’s testimony

A Little Bit of Relief

January 15, 2011

For parents of children with hemophilia, the future is a constant worry.聽 While this will always be the case, the recent healthcare reforms have provided a little bit of relief.聽 Heidi and Andrew Forrester from Washington are the parents of William, a two-year-old with severe hemophilia A.聽 While William was lucky enough to be covered […]

HFA President, Brayshaw Host President Obama in Backyard

September 25, 2010

Washington, DC:聽 President Barack Obama held a backyard discussion on healthcare reform at the home of Hemophilia Federation of America’s President, Mr. Paul Brayshaw.聽聽Paul, an individual with Hemophilia is a resident of Falls Church, VA. He聽opened the forum with a statement regarding the positive impact of the Affordable Care Act as it relates to individuals […]

Bleeding Disorders Family Meets President Obama

May 21, 2010

The Forbes family shares their story of visiting the Oval Office.

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