Dear Addy: Eager Employee

August 19, 2021

Dear Addy: I am a young professional that entered the workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since I was working from home, I did not have to worry about bleeds keeping me out of the office. As I begin to return to work, I worry about how my bleeding disorder may affect my ability to perform […]

Dear Addy: Traveling with a Bleeding Disorder

July 21, 2021

Dear Addy: As Covid becomes better managed, I鈥檓 looking to travel as the world opens back up. I鈥檓 a student, and I might even be applying to study abroad next spring. Either way I make plans, it鈥檚 going to be my first time travelling internationally as an adult; what should I do to prepare myself […]

What to Expect when Participating in Clinical Trials

May 27, 2021

As the market for new treatments for the bleeding disorders community continues to grow, more clinical trials are open to patients and their families than ever before. While participation in these trials is important to medical and scientific advancement, not all clinical trials are right for every patient. In this session, hear from the perspective […]

BioMarin: Clinical Development Program Update

May 21, 2021

Update for Hemophilia Associations BioMarin is pleased to update the community regarding our gene therapy clinical trial program in hemophilia A. BioMarin鈥檚 investigational gene therapy for hemophilia A has not been approved for use; it is in ongoing clinical trials evaluating its safety and efficacy. BioMarin Hemophilia Update For Patient Associations View PDF | Download […]

National Bleeding Disorders Organizations Announce Collaborative Project

May 13, 2021

The Hemophilia Federation of America and the National Hemophilia Foundation are pleased to share a new partnership called the Together Project. Through the Together Project, HFA and NHF will work collaboratively on important issues that affect the bleeding disorders community. The first collaboration is focused on mental health and wellness in the bleeding disorders community, […]

2021 COVID-19 Survey Results

April 14, 2021

In early 2021, Hemophilia Federation of America surveyed members of the bleeding disorders community to gauge their response to the COVID-19 vaccine. The survey was conducted from January 22 to March 15, 2021. For the first half of this time frame, the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were being administered; for the second half, the Johnson […]

Mental Health Resources

April 8, 2021

Save This Page With growing instances of mental health emergencies, it is important to know the warning signs of a mental health crisis in ourselves and our loved ones. This helpful handout provides valuable information on spotting the signs and what to say (and not say) when someone needs immediate help. Quick Links to Mental […]

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