Final marketplace rule will revive discrimination and raise out-of-pocket costs for Americans with pre-existing conditions

April 13, 2018

The following is from a press release from the American Heart Association. Read the press release here.聽 A group of 21 patient and consumer groups issued the following statement today on the 2019 Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters final rule:聽 This final rule will severely weaken key benefits that underpin core consumer protections for […]

Today is National Eating Healthy Day

November 5, 2014

Proper nutrition, combined with safe and effective exercise, is especially important to maintain good health in people with hemophilia.聽HFA’s FitFactor Program , offers services designed to improve health, fitness, and quality of life through regular physical activity and proper nutrition. It is so important聽to get the essential nutrients聽we need and even more important in an […]

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